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Professional Language Services: Interpretation, Translation, Event Logistics

Expert service providers in language and event logistics services.

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Professional Language Services

We are a network of global service providers with more than 25 years’ experience in leading translation, interpretation and event logistics services.

+5000 Success Stories

+25 Years’ Experience

Language Service Providers for North America

Language Service Providers for Latin America and the Caribbean

Interpretation, Translation and Event Logistics Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our Services

Interpretation, Translation and Event Logistics Services Tailored to Your Needs


On-site Interpretation: Consecutive, Simultaneous, Whispered
Conference Interpretation
Video Remote Interpretation
Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Spanish English Language Translation

Editing and Proofreading
Rush Jobs

Event Logistics

Event coordination
Hotel, transport and venue reservations

Equipment and Support Personnel

Interpretation equipment
Audio visual supplies
Experienced technicians


A professional company of certified interpreters and translators

Real Time Interpreting for Executive Meetings

We are a network of professional and expert interpreters and translators dedicated to bridging the language barriers while providing cost-efficient solutions and consistent high-quality work.

Business meetings



Professional Interpreters, Translators and Event Logistics Providers

We provide high-quality services in business communication with expert knowledge in Education, Government, Law Enforcement, Engineering, Mining, Medical, Law, and other fields.



Event Logistics

We are a leading international company in language services primarily for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Email us: info@interprolingua.com

What our clients say!

“For the past ten years Orquidea and her team have provided the best interpretation, translation and logistics services for our local and international events, which ranged from international multi-government agency engagement meetings to international technical trainings and workshops in North, Central, South America and Europe. Their customer service and attention to details are simply outstanding and second to none."
Government Agency
“Orquidea Zavala translated my novel from English to Spanish, and I actually prefer the Spanish version! Orquidea was able to capture the culture and the characters perfectly. Her translation is so much more than a simple transliteration from one language to another. The book is 223 pages long, and I have yet to find one mistake in original meaning. The entire experience was positive in every way, including meeting deadlines and offering a reasonable price. I hope Orquidea will translate my second book as well!”
Suzy MacCall
“Camila de la Pedrera”
“For the last 15 years, I have depended on the services of Orquidea to translate in a contextual manner numerous documents, including my Ph.D. dissertation. She has the ability to translate academic material, educational material, as well as personal correspondence. I highly recommend her as someone who is easy to work with, someone who charges a reasonable price, and who is committed to honoring deadlines.” ​
Dr. Lisa Anderson-Umana
Christian Camping International, Latin America

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Please submit your request so that we can properly provide an estimate based on your documents.

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